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Sword to Sword Historical Fencing is excited to bring you European Bootcamp - an incredible and rare opportunity to train and learn from some of the top fencers in Europe. We have nine instructors coming from Finland, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, and Spain who each have special knowledge and skills to share. They each have a unique history in HEMA - some in the competition world, some as club owners, and all as teachers.

European Bootcamp is one full day that will offer nine unique learning opportunities, both workshops and lectures, as well as a warm up and finisher for everyone to take together. The structure for the day will be set up so there are multiple opportunities for you to take a certain workshop or lecture - that way you can take more of the classes you want or to take the same class a second time! The subjects range from fundamentals to special skills, and cover multiple weapons and disciplines. For more information of what our instructors will be teaching, check out the Workshops & Lectures page. 

It will be a jam packed day, so we hope you're all ready to come learn from and train with some of the best instructors HEMA has to offer.

The event will be hosted at Sword to Sword Historical Fencing - 1117 Upland Drive in Houston, Texas. 

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